The Glass Hand

Review of The Outer Limits: Demon with a Glass Hand
Season 2, Episode 5 (1964)
TNL Rating: 7 Exceptional
Running Time 1:01

Episode Times

0:01 Intro Skit
0:02 Summary, Vitals, and Trivia
0:04 Review
Captains Log + supplemental
TNL bloopers/extras (none this time)

Episode Info

Trent is running from people with overdone eyeshadow with guns. He surprisingly has a glass hand with lights in it. Cool!


Crew of the Relativity

  • Captain Chris Sixx, a Trill
  • Science Officer Keri, possibly a Q
  • Engineering Officer Mike, a photonic engineer
  • Hologram Ben, a photonic person who interferes

Join the crew of the USS Relativity in the 31st century as they travel back in time to review previous missions of great Starfleet ships and space stations. After reviewing each episode, the crew also tries earning quatloos by answering historical trivia.

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Next Episode: The next TNL will be a bonus episode. We will be reviewing the movie Time Bandits.

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